I believe God's presence was very strong this past Friday at Sheridan. A teaching on 'A Prayerful Heart' in the Malachi Dads class moved a couple of the men to submit prayers expressing repentance but also much pain and regret. 

After a teaching on the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, the two Discipleship classes had some very upfront and transparent conversation,  as a lot of discussions was on one's assurance of salvation. In the evening class, James, in hopes to testify to how one can be professing Christ but not have a saving faith, shared how prior to his starting SOCPM classes he would have identified himself as a Christian, but it wasn't until he started paying full attention in the SOCPM classes he came to a saving faith.

I also had some private conversation with Robert. He shared his fiance died due to an accidental fall down some stairs. He is quite certain she wasn't saved 'She was no way close to God' It is hard for him to acknowledge what her fate before God was.

Challenging, inspirational, humbling, many emotions this past Friday, thankful the Holy Spirit made His presence known.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

A quick add-on. I just got off the phone with JD, one of my former students who is now discharged. It was a true joy to talk to JD, one of the most solid in faith students God has blessed me with, but he shared the sad news he has recently been diagnosed with stage 1 liver cancer. Please add him in you prayers.

Discipleship: The Parables of Jesus


Dixon Correctional Center

Adam - Pray for my dad and his eyes get better for him. Pray my wife and kids are out of harm's way as they start the new school year and job. Thank the Lord I got to go to baptism class so I can be baptized in the name of the Lord. And may He continue to guide me on my journey in His name... Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Joseph - I pray for some contract or GT this year and for a financial breakthrough. Plus a blessing on my kids. Amen.

William - Can you pray for me! I am hoping for some good time/SSC (Supplemental Sentence Credit). I could earn up to six months of it, but I will be happy with 30 days of it. So I can get home and help my grandmother. Amen!

Robert B. - I'd like to request that you pray for me. I'm not as open as I would like to be. I'm isolating myself. Even though I am surrounded by people. I am all alone. I feel like I'd like to be open to others as a friend. I tend to push people away by not involving myself in more than surface style chit-chat. Any help here would be appreciated.

Michael S. - I would like for you to pray for my return to the world after I get out of prison that all will go well with me and my family. Thank you.

Frankie H. - Pray for me as I venture back into God's big bold world. Also, pray for my soon-to-be wife Mrs. Karen that her health continued to improve/as I enter God's world once again to spread His word and help others who need a helping hand and to mentor to others and give me the strength to stay strong and to follow God's laws.

Icreas - Prayer request for all these things; my family be safe, I'll get some SSC, I do good when I get home, I have a nice job, I've become closer to God, I start listening to God call, I stop stealing and lying, and I forgive people who have hurt me or did things that wasn't right.

No name - I would like for you to pray for me to find my way to "stick and stay" in learning how to become a good Christian. Pray for me to become; less judgmental, more loving and kind to all, wise, to learn how to live W/O relapsing on liquor, to become a better father to my children, to be aware when He's trying to tell me something, to restore my memory, to fill my heart with willingness.

Robert C. - Please put Michelle in your prayers. Thank you much. Please ask Him to bring her to into heaven. For her to be saved.

Brian - Request for myself and my family. Prayer that I will continue to seek the truth and God's word and strength as I continue on this journey. Prayer for Paula, my mother, prayer that she continues to seek the Lord Jesus Christ and do his will. For strength encourage and a hedge of protection around her.

Adam - I am set to be released in about 60 days and I would like for you to pray that I may be strong in mice of variety, stay close to the Lord and to be reunited with my family. Thank you.

No name - Pray for Ayman, he was released last week and has a long journey ahead of him. Please pray for him to be strong and continue fighting for his sobriety. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Bruce - First God I would like to praise your Holy Name and thank you God, for sending Scott out here to ministering to us. Please God keep blessing him and his family. also God these these men and their family. And God please keep your eyes upon me and my wife and children, mother, grandchildren, brother, sister, all my family and God bless the staff here at Sheridan also, their family. Your will be done. Father I confess all my sins. Amen.

No name - Please bless my loved ones with health and happiness to keep on your path and of righteousness. Please help those I have wrong, real and/or imagine, find it in their hearts to truly forgive me.

Michael - Hello, how r u, hope everything is alright with u n your family. I be praying for u n your family as well, my name is Michael, I've been alright just asking God to help me get thru this storm. Can u please pray for me that I get out soon, a lot of time it be feeling like I am not going to make it through this. I just want to go home, I've been in jail ever since 2014, sometimes it Be hard for me. I need help. Hopeful I get to meet u great people, who have been praying for me and my family. Thank u so much, God bless u.

Michael S. - Send a prayer out to the world that we all can come together and move a peaceful life come together as one. Also, for I can have a life with my daughter and granddaughter for I haven't seen my daughter since she was a baby. And I can find my way to stay out here.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Father

Dixon Correctional Center

Aaron - To build healthy and good relationships with family, loved ones, relatives, friends and associates; and to learn to forgive and let go... For a good woman to come into my life who will love me and be a friend to me and I will love back and be a friend to her. Thank you.


Wesley - Can you pray for me to get back on track with the Lord and for the letters I have sent out that they will be a blessing to the people I sent them and they would be stronger with God and that I can witness to my friend and he would take it to heart into be able to use it for good and I can be a blessing in his life. Thank you, God bless.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Sheridan Correctional Center

Joseph J. - I ask that you all continue to pray for me and my loved ones continue keep them in your bosom. Amen, God bless you all, thank you all.

James - Would like you to pray for my son and Bentley's mother Kourtney, hope that she is working and being a good mother and finding herself and what makes her happy. Pray for their well-being and that they are living a positive life right now. Thanks again. I am having trouble connecting with my father on a deep - "father, son" level, he seems to take no interest in my feelings and my future. Please help me pray for my father to become interested in my life and help me out. I am starting to see resentment in my feelings toward him so I also need help in rebuking those feelings. Thank you. My actions before I came to prison due to my heroin addiction destroyed the woman I was with, life. She lost her job, home and children due to me. She has been struggling with work, I caused her to catch a felonious drug charge. So she is out in the world loss and house hopping. Please pray with me for her to seek God and land a stable environment and and employment into find happiness in these troubling times. Her name is Tisha. Thank you.

Antonio - I request prayer for my family, my relationship, or some good time, to get into school the strength to continue to keep pushing. Guidance, counseling, wisdom, understanding, for a new me.

Noel - Can you please pray for my grandma and family. Please pray that God protects my kids and myself. Also, that God helps me find peace in my heart. Thanks.

Isaias - Prayer for my wife and I. We're having problems because she found out something from my past and I am afraid of losing my family. I love her very much, since she came into my life I've changed. Please pray for us and tell God I said thank you all His blessing. Sincerely. Prayer that God helps me understand his word more and to guide me down to right path. I've never wanted to change and have God in my life like I do now. Since letting God in my life I feel like I look at life different. Thank you sincerely.

Armando - Prayer request for Kayla and Aniah from Armando their dad. I ask that my daughter Kayla is healthy mentally and physically. I asked that she feel God's love and comes to God. I ask she knows I love her and ask that you give us the chance for reconciliation. I ask that she forgives me, not for me, but for her to have peace in her heart. I asked that she can find a job and keep it. I asked for her safety. I asked for her to find stability in her life. Please bring her closer to You and to me. I ask for her and my girlfriend Sonia can get close. Help her please. I pray that she has food to eat. Please bring me home to be a father with a new understanding. I asked for all this in Jesus name. I also asked for prayers for my daughter Aniah, she is healthy and that she still prays. I ask that she know who You are God. I ask that you she know how much I love and miss her and that you God bring us close again. I ask that you help bring our family back together all of us Kayla, Aniah, Lorenzo, Marco, Sonia and me Armando. I asked for family unity. In Jesus name, amen.

Toby - Please pray that God will give me wisdom and sovereignly oversee my decision in regards to where exactly I will be living upon my upcoming release January 2018.

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