Truly was a joy to return to Dixon and Sheridan; Lot's of new faces as many past students have paroled or transferred to other facilities.

One challenge is there are now 56 men on the wait list for the Malachi Dads class. the max I can have in one class is 40. There are 4 books that a dad rotates through the year-long course, meaning a lot of these dads could possibly be on the wait list for a year and in all likelihood, the wait list will grow.

Please pray that God will lead me and open the doors on how to reach more students during one quarter. A second class, if so the logistics of scheduling, a larger classroom, if so, IDOC will be able to provide the staff, either way or another the financial resources to buy the books and other materials.

The above challenge is a good challenge, however a much look forwarded to event 'Returning Hearts' an event that would taken place Saturday the October 2th and would have allowed the students enrolled in Malachi Dads to spend a Saturday with their children in a more entertaining setting instead of just sitting in the visiting room was postponed/canceled. Please pray it will be rescheduled soon and if anything when rescheduled it will be bigger and more festive than originally planned.

Thanks so much!

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Developing Christian Character

Dixon Correctional Center

Rod; My wife (Cathy) will attend a two-week intensive trauma counseling program called 'Alongside Of' from October 31 through November 14. Pray the Lord ministers deeply to my wife as she has suffered many hurts, losses and traumatic/stressful events and responsibilities.

Larry; My name is Larry it would be a blessing if you guys pray for my brother Sidney. Right now my brother fighting against drug issues, so please pray for him. I would like for myself also be prayed for as well. I am locked up for something that I did not do and have been locked up for 16 years of the 25 years that they gave me. Right now I'm in court so please pray for me. Thank you and God bless you guys.

Alexander; Please pray for my sister who is recovering from surgery, she is suffering severe pain. She's been paralyzed from waist down for the past 30 years. In Jesus name!

Dontae; Pray for my sons Dontae and Terrell, and my daughter Dahanae that they will come to know God and Jesus Christ. Also, pray that I allow God the room through His Spirit to overcome personal struggles that are not of Him. Thank you, God bless.

George W.; Pray for Kelvin W., Vincent W., Reginald W., Destiny W., Cameron Kalas, free them all from drug addiction.

Randy; Scott's son Cameron, health issues and addictions, nephew Eric, deployment for the military, sister Deb, reconciliation with family, Scott's ministry, Kent's ministry.

Adam; Pray for my father, may doctors find and help him get better with whatever is wrong and may God watch over him. Pray for Scott's son and may God be with him and help him. Pray for my brothers here at Dixon, may God show His light to help bring them to Him. Pray for my wife, kids, and family. Protect them while I'm away. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Wes; Pray for me and my mom pray in general and pray that we can grow our relationship with God.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Richard; please, say a prayer for my girlfriend and fiancé, Yvonne, that she will go to drug and alcohol treatment and that she will write need to let me know that she's alive. I haven't heard from her in a long time and I didn't extremely worried about her because of what was heroin addiction when I got arrested on February 15, 2017.

Steve; I pray for my continuance in my faith in God and for the health of my parents and children. Amen

Jerry; Please pray for me and my family, please Lord be with us all, guide us.

Jesse; My name is Jesse I ask you to please pray for my fiancé and my mom they both have diabetes and kidney problems. I asked for prayer so that they get better and so I can make it home to be with them. Thank you.

Richard;  Please, say some prayers that my family is doing well and that I am able to transition well back to my family, business and my communities upon release from prison, and that the transition is stable, and will be for the rest of my life. Blessed by God and incarcerated and addiction free. Thank you and best regards.

Robert B; Continued and improved focus. My realization of self. My self-confidence to be me and not be swayed by the opinions of others. Ultimately could be seen by others as a person to be respected and listen to. I'm not wanting to be boastful but I am someone who is smart and should be listened to and not ignored. At times I feel invisible as if I'm not at or near the top tier. I wondering what my mannerisms are that don't command the attention. I will pray for your son.

Jason; Prayer request for the world and all the tribulations four people and hope for them to be well in Jesus.

Jason; Prayer request I would like to send a prayer out to my two daughters Emma and Maddy for their joy and health. Also, keep the Lord in their heart.

Jason; I like to send a prayer request to my mother, father, stepfather for their health and faith in the Lord.

Erick; I wish to pray for the hearts of children all over the world living without their fathers, that they wouldn't resent them for being absent from their lights for the period of time or forever for if that's the case. To help them through those feelings and give them the power of love in their hearts. I would also like to pray for the feelings of discrimination that people hold deep in their hearts, that they would release this and not feel bad about themselves. Everyone could find the power of God's word and spread it to their children so their children's children can carry the power of the Lord with them. Thank you, God bless!

Max; Please intercede for the overtaking of the Holy Spirit over me and that the wealth transfer will abundantly be provided through my obedience in service to Christ Jesus. Sheridan/Westcare Prison. My ID is blue that the right resources will be exposed to me to clear it back to white. That All correspondence sent to Springfield for getting my drivers license back, the right people in authority will release approval of the privilege. I have no DUIs or speeding tickets. The court system has a way of interfering with my driving license. A supernatural divine intervention will profusely be outpoured everywhere I go. Thank you.

Paul; I would like prayer for my family, Scott and his son Cameron. Prayer of safety, protection, and peace of mind. Pray for wisdom knowledge and understanding of God's word.

No name; Pray for my loneliness to leave me. Pray for my daughter's well-being and safety. Pray for my mother's health. Pray for the mothers of my children. Pray for my family. Pray for strength so I can work out. Pray for financial assistance. Pray for no fights in here. Pray for no tickets here. Pray that I get good cellie. Pray not to be led into temptation. Pray to fix my eyesight. Pray for the extended visits. Pray for my kids in Ecuador. Pray to come closer to the Trinity. Pray for money on the phone. Pray for confirmation that Paige is going to be the woman for me. Pray that I get mail on a daily basis. Pray that Nicole is alright. Pray for Nicole to write me. Pray to enter the class in January so I can complete before I leave. Pray for Karen. Pray, I complete school. Provide stability. Pray for wisdom. Pray for light to shine in my life. Pray for people to send me pictures of them. Touch Paige's heat to come see me with Sophia.

Robert C.; I'm still quite lost and still don't know exactly what I should pray for. Pray for Scott's son to come out of his addiction without having to spend too many years in jail. Pray that my kids will start going to church in Bible study to begin a relationship with God.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Eric;  Today I know that people are dying, today I hope that Christ saved them from their sin and also for myself being a bad sinner. Anyway hope that my mother also my little bro their's and my big brother to forgive me for my sin, aging them, also my sister and my DCFS mother also erver(sp?) both ASR(sp?). Thank you for your time.

Mike; Dear Jesus, please hear my prayer I give praise and thanks to the Lord for he is great. I honor and respect the Lord for he gives me hope and peace. I love the Lord for he gives me wisdom and knowledge to understand what is right and wrong. Thank you, Lord for all your blessings. Can you please help me pray I have been trying to get to see the parole board. In hope that they would review my case. I asked them that they see there are a few days that they can credit me. Any credit would be a blessing. Thank you.

No name; Continue to pray for the world, our families, Sheridan COs. The Warden's office, counselors, inmates, chaplains, everyone, I pray for a sooner outdate to be home with my family. I pray for my old cellie Malcuee (sp?), his family, I pray for everyone who is seg, Scott and his family, his son Cameron, Chaplain Phillips, everyone who is in seg,  the choir, I pray for a better day continue my coverage. I pray for Florence and his family. Ofc. Judy for taking time out with us. I pray for Eric be a better person and to understand Christ more.

Javonte; That I would be compassionate for the Lord, that I won't feel any obligations for doing His will but that I will do His will out of love. Also that I will remain focused on the Lord able to put away all distractions.

William; please pray for my family they are having a hard time right now as well am I. Please pray for my friend Brandy who was beaten by her boyfriend and almost died. Thank you so very much and God bless!!

Ainsly; I asked that you pray for my wife, she got the job she wanted and may she keep it, I ask that you pray for my kids that they excel in school and take care of their mom while I'm gone. Overall pray for me that I make it through this prison term.

No name - That my loved ones open their hearts and forgive me and reach out to meet again.

James; I'd like to pray for my best friend Jolene Area that she is benefiting from her therapy. I just found out she started six months ago to help her with things she has had difficulty handling throughout her life and the well-being of her daughter Ava, along with the continued sobriety from alcohol by her father who Celebrated one year in August- was close to death 18 months ago and is now better.

Michael; Hello, how are you my name is Michael, first I want to say thank you for praying for me and my family. Can you please pray for me that I get out soon and be back at home with my family. I get out on 4/13/19. Trying to go home on 10/13/18. I know I go home early, I know I am. Also, I been on my best behavior, I'm doing good. Thank you for praying for me. God bless you so much.

Michael; Hello how are you, my name is Michael. Thank you for praying for me. Can you please pray for me that I get out of this place soon. Please, I pray every morning and every night. I'm tired of this. I want to go home on 10/13/18 or before that. Thanks a lot for taking time to pray for me. And can you pray for my family also that they would come see me soon. Thank you, God bless.

No name; My loved ones stay in health and happiness.

Frankie; Pray for my wife I love her and pray though she finds the Lord to love and pray for me for me work wat (sp?) the Lord.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Dixon Correctional Center

Randy; Scott's ministry, reconciliation with my kids, Sons safe in Mississippi with mom, nephew Eric being deployed, sister reconciliation with family, Scott and Michelle's health.

Juan; I still having sexual thoughts and I'm afraid that it might lead to the next level. Can you please pray for me. Can you also pray for my family that our creator they keep them safe.

Aaron; For a safe and blessed and prosperous departure from prison, 2018. And for a blessed homesite to go to. Thank you, God bless.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Sheridan Correctional Center

Derrick; I would like to ask God to pray for my grandma. Pray for my mother that she stay on the right path. Pray for me that I will become a better man and father. I have not seen my kids in four years and I pray that I can see them again before it's too late I want them. I just made a mistake. May God help me to change and stay away from places like this. Amen.

James; I like to pray for world peace and for a solution to opiate addiction to help save our children and young adults from losing their lives so early to this devastating epidemic. I also want to pray for my sister Sarah, that she is well and doing well in college. I pray that she thinks about me and knows I love her and will allow me to be an amazing brother to her. It's always joined me in asking God to reuniting me with my children Nathan and Bentley and being in their lives as a godly and loving father.

Cornelius; Please pray for my grandfather, Lawrence. He was in the hospital recently and now has to wear a vest that will shock him if he passes out. Also, pray for the health of my mom, Laurie, brother Izell, sister Jasmine and son, Khairi. Pray that my son is obedient to his mom, Keeshuana and grandmothers, Laurie and Deloris and all adult such as aunts, uncles and teachers. Thanks and God bless!

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