It was certificate day for 25 Dixon Discipleship students. Next week will technically be teh last class. We'll watch a message by Pal Washer 'Are You Sure Your Saved' and they'll receive a copy of "Deserted by God" by Sinclair Ferguson a gift from our ministry partners and friends, Banner of Truth.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Developing Christian Character

Dixon Correctional Center

No name - please pray for our Christian brother Ofc. Straham to get the LTS (Leisure Time Services) officers job.

Carl - Please pray for my sister Sherese's health and strength in the Lord. My wife's strength and God Behind Bars volunteers to visit us, also Dixon Correctional Center inmates, also Scott's son and his family as a whole. Amen. God bless this class and each individual and their families.

A. C. - Pray for my brothers here at Dixon C. C., their families, Scott, and his family. God bless us all through the holiday. Thank you for your Son's great sacrifice for going to the cross. Please be with my father, that he gets good news with his test results. Be with my children and keep them far from the devil reach. In Jesus name, I pray, amen!

George - Chaplin Merrandino (Dixon C.C.) that the new sentencing bill will be a just and fair bill.

Wes - Pray for me and my family and that we could be blessed this holiday season in the Spirit and how God would like it to be.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Erick - I would like to pray for all that fun spiritual struggle and bad temptations to be with the Spirit of God. To know his love. I also want to pray for all children hurt and any kind of way that they do not believe there is something wrong with them because of the actions and verbal adults and children alike. I pray the Spirit is with them everywhere they go. In the Lords name, Amen.

Robert - Pray for increasing my focus, increasing my love for others that I meet. Seeing the Christ I all that I meet.

No name - Pray along with me for Scott and his family. Especially the love for his and his son's reconciliation. That they both begin to understand each other.

Steve - Praying for assistance in my continued faith in the Lord. In finding my way in pleasing God and controlling my sinful ways. For the health of my family and Mary's family. Also, that I Calsey can find the way out of her heroin addiction. Jesus name I pray for these things. Amen.

No name - Prayer is I ask for myself and how I'm handling put down, lied about, tested by inmates. Pray for Cynthia, my girl, Scott and his son Cameron. My family here and far.

Jason - Send a prayer to the world of all living to see the divine inward and outward means of truth and life. Also, a prayer for myself to stay in practice of truth and perception.

Richard - Please, say prayers for my mother to recover from a long battle with silicone breast implants reactions that she has been battling for over 10 years now. For my girlfriend, Yvonne, who has been battling heroin addiction.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

No name - Pray for my cousin she's 14 and tried to commit suicide, she's okay, but I pray she never does it again. I pray for my wife, she stays strong and continues to do great while I am locked up.

No name - Please pray that I get blessed with as much SSC and good time as possible and that I'm able to start my new life quickly after release, with a good career and living conditions. Please pray that my loved ones find forgiveness for me and open up and reach out to me (Crystal) and my release can go as smoothly as possible with Shelter, contacts future.

Michael - Hello, how are you doing, first I just want to thank you for praying for me and my family. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can talk to my family and consumed see them. Also, been going through a lot, I been down a lot, like sad, because I can't talk to my family. Thank you so much for taking time to pray for me. God bless you and your family.

Michael - Hello, how are you, first I want to say thank you for taking time to pray for me and my family. Can you please pray for me, that I can talk to my family on the phone or probably could get a visit. I have not talked my family or seen them. Also, a lot of times it is hard for me, I need help. Thank you so much, God bless you, and your family.

Ainsley - I really beg that you or somebody pray for me to deal with my cellmate, he is not clean like me, he doesn't clean up after himself, I constantly have to remind him, I'm 29, he is forty-something, I shouldn't have to clean remind a grown ma to clean up after himself, also, to add insult to injury, he sleeps all day and snores. Please, please, please pray for me to deal with this. Please and thank you.

William - I would like to send a prayer out to all the families in need this holiday and let them find the gift of Christ. Amen.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of a Man

Dixon Correctional Center

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Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Sheridan Correctional Center

Derrick - I want to pray for my grandma that she is okay and my wife that she is starting to feel better. Pray for me that I stay focused on what I need to do so that I can stay away from prison or jail. Amen.

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2013 thru 12/2014
Paroled 12/04/2017  

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 01/2015 thru 04/2015
Admitted Stateville 12/05/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 11/2017 thru 12/2017
Transferred to Danville 12/07/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 07/2017 thru 12/2017
Transferred to Centralia 12/07/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 12/2013 thru 02/2014
Admitted Stateville 12/07/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 10/2014 thru 10/2014
Paroled 12/08/2017

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 11/2015 thru 08/2016
Admitted to R&CC 12/08/2017

Ministry Partners New Life Corrections

New Life Corrections

Dixon Correctional Center

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Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

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