This week again saw several more new students in the Malachi Dads classes at Sheridan. Sadly a few have left but overall the Malachi Dad classes have grown both at Sheridan and Dixon.

In the Discipleship classes, we continue Defending Your Faith by R. C. Sproul and it has been very encouraging at the number of students with an attitude of wholeheartedness in learning apologetics in obedience to 1 Peter 3:15.

The bittersweet weeks of every term are taking root as we (fellow students and I) see several students being paroled. Bittersweet for me in having to say goodbye, bittersweet for the students in that their parole day has yet to come. 

The mission of connecting parolees to a church prior to their parole was fruitful this past week. As two more churches, now a total of six, have responded with a thumbs-up in welcoming two soon to be paroled students.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Defending Your Faith - Part 1

Dixon Correctional Center

Bruce - Glorious Father God, I praise You daily. Especially for today in which I am given a chance to walk, talk, help all of my brothers and sisters, all because You gave me another day to grow in Your word, meditate then pray on them so that I can do all that's right by Your will. I love You because You love me before the world was created by You. And I thank You for loving us all and dying for us all through the sinful nature we harvest. And, on the third day You have risen to return back to the Father God and continue to love me, and my brothers and sisters, thank you, Father. And each day makes me stronger in Your word. I am Your child. Amen.

Wes - Pray for my son's mom and me that we get back together if it is God's will.

A. C. - I pray you continue to do your glorious works in each of us here at Dixon. Thank you for allowing us the grace of Scott's wisdom and presence so, that we can come closer to You. Please be with me as I go through my court proceedings. May I get home to my family. In Jesus name, Amen.

James - Can you please pray for me for guidance and help to me to transfer to East Moline. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Paul - I would like be asking prayer for me, wife, kids, enemies. Pray for teacher of the class Scott, his family. Pray for Scott's son Cameron and that he comes to Christ. I would also be asked for prayer for my cellie in gaining spiritual acceptance. Prayer for the lady who has chosen to pick up my wife for visits. Share my condolences to the people of Billy Graham family.

Lee - I was set for a release on February 13, 2018. I was indicted on a new case and now am fighting it from here. Please pray for me to have favor, mercy, and to receive leniency from not only the judge but also the prosecutor as well. Thank you so much.

Robert- I'd like prayer for my increased knowledge and focus and determination to be successful upon my release from prison. Also, for increasing the come by Pastor Scott. I remain sincere.

Harvey (Coach T) - I asked for prayer in the restoration of my relationship with my kids and my family. I pray for health and prosperity for all of them and the brothers here at Sheridan C. C.

Max - Christina, Max, Mark, Justin Lee, family. Believing for a supernatural opportunity, scholarships for college and favor for my wife to be the first Latina operator for Chick-fil-A Oswego. Deuteronomy 28:1-7.Touch the hearts of my brother Marcos to start learning more about his promises in the Bible and that he will get closer to Jesus Christ. Joshua 1:5-9. Expecting six months supplemental sentencing credit for the state of Illinois good time. Philippians 4:19 Matthew18:18-20, Mark11:22-24. The church of Jesus will be support Jerusalem, Israel the people of God. The revelation of what God does what he wants for his people. Psalm 122: 6. The body of Christ will have revelation knowledge on how the kingdom of heaven works Malachi 3:10. Being healthy is a responsibility. We are the temple of God made for service and good works. Obedience to our diet. God has a lot to say about is eating habits. Proverbs 23:1-3, 20-21. Unity for all the body of Christ.

John - I'm getting out at the end of the month, for strength, knowledge, and the ability to not smoke cigs, drugs or alcohol at all. For my health and safety. Pray for my grandparents Eldor (96 years old) and Mildred (94 years old) for their health and safety. My Aunt Bea for her health and safety and that she comes back to Christ. My mother's health. She has been sick for years, when she eats, later on, she throws up and the doctors do not know why.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Michael - Hello, how are you. First, thank you for praying for me and my family. Can you please pray for me that I can go home on July 6, this year I just want to go home with my family. Please pray for me, I need help. I'm tired of this. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family.

Michael - Hello, how are you doing. First I want to say thank you for praying for me and my family. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can go home soon. I'm just ready to go home. I pray every day. Please, can you pray for me? Thank you, God bless you.

Steve - I want to thank you for another blessed day and for your never-ending love. Also, for taking away our sins. I pray for my continued growth and Christianity and living in your grace.For the health and safety of my parents, children, and family.Cousin Glade with his battle with cancer, Aunt Helen with the loss of her son. For Mary and her family. Calsey and Tracy find their way from heroin addiction. In Jesus name, I pray this. Amen.

Randall - god,I would like to pray for my family, For their health, happiness.Their aches and pains to be non-existent.I want to pray for my number one girl Ivana from her cancer her health and wellness and happiness, and all my good friends; John, Dawn, Pat, Andy, and all others in my thoughts. I pray to get out of prison ASAP. Pray for 'good time.'  Pray that the whole cellie thing works out maybe a blessing is what I need cause it's actually uncomfortable. Also bless my family and friends financially so that would be on less thing for them to worry about, I pray for understanding patients, Do not be afraid, but to be strong I pray that my prayers are heard prayed to be healthy and I'm confused. I prayed to find a good job when released pray I have a good place to be released to.I prayed to reunite with my dad and stepmom.I pray for my mom may God wrap his loving arms around the whole family.

Javon - Prayer for my family and also that they get to know Jesus. Pray and ask God to approve me for a discipleship program once I am released. And also that I may get six months good time. And also pray for Chaplain Phillips to get some extra help. And that God will reveal to me my purpose. Would you pray that God will help me to stay focused on him and to give me the power to guard my heart with all diligence?

No name - First I would like to thank God, I've would never make it without him. I pray that God takes care of all my matters. Also, bless these men and their families. And bless Scott and his wife on a safe trip. God, I asked you to heal my son from his illness of bone cancer. Thank you God for releasing me to be a donor to my son and hope would be a successful recovery. Amen

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Dixon Correctional Center

Aaron - Peace and shalom, I thank God, for answering my prayer request and your prayers as well. I thank God for Bro. Scott for his sincere heart to seek God's will and His work. I pray for you and yours and for God to bless you according to your needs and desires.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Psalm 1 / The Heart of a Father

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Alexander - I would like a prayer for my wife Fantasia for healing and her health.

Nathaniel - To find strength, wisdom, and knowledge to gain refocus on my children's lives. To see the spiritual welfare to set their hearts and minds back into a godly manner. And to give me this chance and opportunity to raise them properly. Amen!

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

William - Strength towards my personal struggles with my process of incarceration to continue protecting my family, myself and to be in tune with God's will for our lives and be ready for all the blessings God has planned for us.

Derrick - Thank God for blessing me with an understanding wife and just being able to depend on someone when right know can't do things for myself.

Shannard - For God to change and stop my lying ways, for patients,  for strength, willpower to do the right things and healing of my skin infection.

Sir Ballenger - Most prayers have been answered. Pray that I get a better study Bible/systematic theology book. Pray intercession for the saints that in every endeavor we may be blessed and that the Lord's mighty hand of power and majesty abound heavily in our lives. Pray that I'd be used as a catalyst daily for God's glory and honor to all. Pray Good protects my children and earthly family as well as the holy communion of saints. 

Richard - Please pray for my girlfriend, Yvonne who has battled heroin addiction, so that she can find her way to drug and alcohol treatment, and find peace of mind and happiness.Please pray for my mother that she able to get the funding necessary for oral surgery and other health issues, and so that she can acquire a new vehicle. Please pray for my family, friends, business associates, and community to be happy healthy wealthy and wise!!

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ  
Dixon; 04/2017 thru 09/2017
Admitted R&CC Stateville 02/26/2018
Paroled 03/02/2018

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Sheridan; 07/2017 thru 02/2018
Paroled 02/27/2018  
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New Life Corrections
Dixon; 11/2012
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Paroled 02/28/2018

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Sheridan; 11/2017 thru 12/2017
Paroled 03/01/2018

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Sheridan; 01/2018 thru 02/2018
Paroled 03/02/2018
Soldiers of Christ
Dixon; 02/2013 thru 05/2013
Dixon: 05/2015 thru 07/2015
Transferred Dixon 03/02/2018

Ministry Partners New Life Corrections

New Life Corrections

Dixon Correctional Center

Class scheduled to resume March 10th

Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

No name - For an infection in my jaw, that the Lord will hear your prayer for me.

No name - For all our family members and friends to seek the Lord, while in this dark world.
Also, for my daughter and her children to visit me, not seen them in 31 years.
for safety for our families. I'm in need of a change of heart.

Bro Dixon - For families and lost souls concerning the Florida school shooting, also for my family, that I'm set free of this world's chokehold on my soul, I've grown lazy and complacent, not dying daily for the Lord.

Bro Raymond -  For my family @ the loss of my niece and her twin daughters, also for the health of my family. For bro billy's leg surgery, and my vision in my left eye. for mt. pleasant church in Harrisburg, IL.  

Bill - I may get to go to Jacksonville cc, I've served 28 yrs, and now I get a breakthrough
I still have 2 years till I can be allowed to be with my mother in Florida, please keep me in
daily prayers.

Bro Curtis - Please pray those here who are sick with the flu, God's still healing business. for Jesus to give us strength for today.

Jonathan - For my mom, she's really sick and for approved parole site for me to be released to.

Ken - For a visit with my grandparents in March. for a breakthrough in churches for conviction
of Holy Spirit, for my son's anxiety in his 1st job. for deliverance from chaos in the prison.
we do not honor each other!