A This week saw the completion of 'Defending Your Fatih Part 1' Discipleship classes in Dixon and Sheridan. A total of 68 students received certificates. Malachi Dads in Dixon is scheduled to completed next Wednesday  April 4th and May 11th in Sheridan due to class cancellations

Those classes that have completed and will complete before Sheridan's Malachi Dads classes complete will see bonus programs in the coming weeks.

The Students were quite talkative yesterday at Sheridan as new policies for 'good-time' were announced and many are hopeful they will be going home soon. Please pray that all who are expecting and even those who are not will indeed receive good-time allowing them to return to families.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship: Defending Your Faith - Part 1

Dixon Correctional Center

James - My name is James Junior and could you please pray for me that God goes with me on my transfer and that I get to go to East Moline and that it will be a place I really want to go to. And also could you please pray that I can get some of this school and drug unit good time that everyone is talking about. I also need prayer for me to get work release and an industry job when it comes time. Thank you so much for your prayers.

A. C. - Dear Lord, thank you for your glorious love. Thank you for blessing us with Scott and his classes. May You be with him and his family and also with each of us here at Dixon. May You keep us safe and strong as we go on our walk with You and learn Your Words to help others who need them. In Jesus name, amen!

Noe - if you can pray for my daughters to find the Lord and watch over them and the family. Cynthia, Vanessa, Adriana, Melaine, Melissa. Thank you, and God bless you.

Bruce - Praise Ye the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior of earth and heaven. In one body we all are in you by the Holy Spirit. I ss not for myself, I as because it's the right way to keep a close relationship with You. Every man, woman, and child be kept faithfully, honored in restfulness and peace with You. And shine Your love on us all eternally forever. I ask that Dixon provide the good-time to the many men that are supposed to receive it. And, please allow them to learn from being here in Dixon and as a godly learning experience, so that they will return home, and be servants for Christ, then be a man of Christ and walk his family in a righteous way of living that will greatly improve him and his family with godly love and don't return here. Love you all.

Wesley - pray for my friend to get better her name is Jordan.

Randy - Cameron for salvation and addiction, Miss Jean ovarian cancer, my family for salvation, Troy and Alex, protection and salvation, Scott and Michelle's health and Ministry.

Ron - I'm in desperate need of a parole site.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Paul - I would like prayer for my wife, and children that they are giving good health, kept safe, and at peace. Pray for Scott and his family pray for Scott's son Cameron that he chooses to surrender his mind set, and allow God, through our Savior Jesus Christ to become a large part of his being. Pray for me and not expecting too much to stay balanced in Jesus I ask for this prayer.

William - I pray for God to use the present moment and teach me the lessons and skills he has for me. Also to prepare me for this phase of my life journey and place favor over my thoughts and actions, creating new beginnings, explorations, responsibility with the power of leadership. Develop myself and my family into the best You had designed us to be. We love you, God, thank you for hearing our prayers.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

No name - Please pray that I am forgiven by my loved ones, they reached out with mom having cancer. Hey that real and imagined things are forgiven as time is so short now I am praying my brothers, daughter, Crystal, nieces, and nephews seeing me in Family way loved to thank you.

No name - Please pray for my mom, cancer stays bearable for her in that we get a chance to make amends, come to terms, forgive past problems. That I get released with plenty of time to Cedar. Thank you.

No name - Please pray that as my upcoming release date approaches that things open up for me- good job, shelter, support, friendship, family loved ones, etc.. That things open up that I'm able to travel to see my ailing mother soon after release. Thank you.

Steve - I pray for my continued faith and continued theology in Your Word. Just to live in your grace. I pray for the health and safety of my parents, children, brother and rest of my family and friends. That Mary can forgive me, that Tracy and Calsey to find their way from heroin. Scott's son can find his way from addiction. Tony's sister Patty wins her battle with colon cancer. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Ryan - Please pray for my inmates still incarcerated and those released and being released. Please pray for help with my pride which tries as I might is still one of my biggest struggles. Not dealing with that will lead me back to drinking and addiction and then prison possibly death. Thank you.

Michael - Hello, how are you? First I want to say thank you for praying for my family and me. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can get through this. I've been going through a lot lately. Also, can you please pray for me that my wife and I could be a family again. Pray for me and my wife's relationship to get better, like it used to be, please. Thank you so much. God bless you so much. It's just I've been going through so much. Lately, I feel so tired. Please help me please thank you.

Michael - Hello, first I want to thank you for praying for me. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can see my son this weekend. Also, can you please pray for me that I can get out of this place soon. Thank you, God bless you and your family.

Javon - Can you please pray that once I'm released, I will find a good Bible-based church and pray that I maybe become an effective witness for Christ and that I will not be one who is easily distracted. And that I will always continue to keep Him first and can you pray that all my family will accept Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Dixon Correctional Center

Aaron - To hear from my son, daughter, and cousins, who I have not seen and talked with in a long time, and to receive visits from all of them. For God to watch over my loved ones and family, and here their prayers, sorrows, and hurts. Thanks again. Sincerely.

Cedric - My request is for the spiritual guidance and safety for several younger members of my family, that's currently facing some very challenging times in their lives. And that they will continue to make God the standard of measure upon which they live and not succumb to the negative influences to be found all around us.

A. C. - Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your son to the cross for our sins. Are giving us grace and mercy. Thanks for helping us in our times of need. Please continue to grow our hearts in faith to follow you more and to lift your name higher. And may you use me as you will help others come closer to you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Psalm 1 / The Heart of a Father

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Jason -  I would like to send prayers out to my daughters and their time away from dad and my youngest Maddy's eight B-day is 25th of March. I want to wish her blessings.

Dustin - Dear Father, thank you for another day of life. Once again I ask You to watch over my family and friends. This journey is tough, and I know it is not supposed to be easy, but it is easier for You walking with me. I am grateful I am finishing my electrical class with an A. I am also grateful that Sheridan is helping me and my true self. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction while I was lost in the dark. Amen.


Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Richard - Pray for Yvonne, my girlfriend, that she stays clean and sober if she is clean and sober and if not, that she finds her way back to drug and alcohol treatment and that she is happy and healthy and waiting for me. Pray that my mother can receive the funds that are necessary to have her dental work done and to have other health issues attended to and to either buy a new vehicle and have her car repaired. Pray that my family, friends, business associates, and community are healthy and happy and will stay that way.

Clayton - Please pray that my kid's mother, Kelsey, gets saved, God could find His way in her heart. Pray that I can become forgiving for an understanding of people. Pray for me to have a better understanding of the teaching of God's Word. Thanks.

Derrick - I want to ask God to help me to stay focused no matter what and looked at the big picture. Thank God for keeping me safe. Through this journey.

Cornelius - Please pray for my family to be safe and healthy. Pray for my son to continue to do well in school and behave. Also, pray for my health and pray for me to be released early. I currently don't receive contracts because I'm at 85%. Pray for all 85% people to get contracts, six months good time, or both.

No name - For God to continue to reveal to me His will in and for my life, my family and that we will have the openness and willingness to His plan. Thanks to the Lord for the glory goes to our Creator.

Nicholas -for my family safety in for strength and guidance for my fiancé to make it through these tough times. Also, for guidance and wisdom and serenity for me while all make my journey.   

Shannard - For guidance in the direction of what career field God wants for me. For courage to do what is right at all times. For Springfield and the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide me with six months good time and Westcare contracts. For peace and serenity. The will to pray, read the Bible and study the Bible more. I am giving a lesson on spiritual inventory for Celebrate Recovery on 3/28/18, and I am asking for God to give me the right words to say, speak from the heart and to speak the truth.

Cornelius - Please pray that I find a godly woman. I want to marry a beautiful godly woman that motivates me and believes in me. Pray for my mom Laurie that she stays healthy and safe. That she can save some money. Pray that I come home early because I miss my loved ones. I miss my son, and they need me home to help financially.

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ  
Sheridan; 11/2012 thru 01/2014
Discharged 03/19/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 08/2016 thru 03/2018
Paroled 03/19/2018  
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Sheridan 03/2015 thru 09/2015
Admitted R&CC Stateville 03/19/2018  
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Sheridan; 06/2016 thru 02/2017
Admitted R&CC Stateville 03/20/2018
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Stateville NRC; 01/2018
Transferred 03/20/2018
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Sheridan; 02/2016 thru 11/2016
Paroled 03/21/2018

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Transferred Kewanee 03/21/2018
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Transferred Lawrence 03/21/2018

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Dixon: 02/2017 thru 12/2017
Admitted R&CC Stateville 03/21/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Dixon: 07/2012 thru 11/2012
Discharged 03/22/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 08/2014 thru 0/2014
Admitted 03/22/2018

Ministry Partners New Life Corrections

New Life Corrections

Dixon Correctional Center

Class scheduled to resume April 7th

Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

No name - Lifting up prayer for a fellow inmate's paralyze. Thank you

No name - For all inmates and my family, also my strength in the Lord.

Raymond - Prayers for my family and Mt Pleasant Baptist church or anyone suffering w/ medical conditions. for peace, harmony and loving Christ bride, our believing family, for prison staff and all our government officials. Your brother in Christ.

James - Ffor my aunt, wife and lost kids. Love always.

Marrick - For my family and I.

Ronnie - For my love of God.

No name - That our nation finds it's way back to God and better communication with love for each other, that I continue to grow in Christ. In Jesus name

Steven - That my brother returns to his wife of 30 years and also back to Jesus, that my family would become believers in Christ. Thanks to Wesley programs..

Erick - For my dad and I to get along, so he will let me parole to his house.

Jerry  - Lord, I lift up my family to you, help me to be a better person to those around me, knowing not everyone sees things as I do. Give me your strength Lord.

Wade - For my family to find a place to live and for others who need help too.God bless

Gerald - For my mamma, my family to stay strong in the Lord, that we come together as a family should. That God would teach me humility and patience and that He watches over me.