A personal family matter resulted in my having to cancel classes at Dixon on Wednesday. 

However, my return to Sheridan was a joyous one as the Discipleship students received a gift copy of 'If There is No God, Why are There Atheist' R. C. Sproul. The gift was made possible by Christian Focus Publications giving SOCPM a generous discount on costs. (Dixon Discipleship students received their copies on April 18th.

Lots of students are being paroled, sadly one more death, Tracey, after having been released this past January

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Dixon Correctional Center

Class canceled; scheduled to resume 05/02/2018

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Jason - Prayer on not keeping resentment in my heart and what manifest anger, unhealthy actions. Please, Thank you.

Jason - I would like a prayer for myself, I really need prayer on staying focused in heavy acceptance and get to my goals with healthy steps.

Robert - Please pray for my continued growth in Christianity. My continuous growth in spirit. The Holy Ghost is of particular interest. Also, especially my awareness growing in my being aware when I am heading in the wrong direction.

Paul - I would like prayer for my wife, kids, and other families from afar. Pray for those safety, health, good rest in peace. I also would like prayer for Scott, his family, and a special prayer for Scott's son Cameron, that he come to choose to be a part of the Christian life. Ridding myself of hatred. In Jesus Christ, I pray and ask for prayers. Amen.

William - I would like to ask for prayers about my sentence reduction. When I took my plea, it was for 50%. But when I got here, they said it was 85%. So I filed for reduction have been praying to get it, so if you would please pray with me. In Jesus name, I pray amen thank you, and God bless.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

No name - Please pray that my soon upcoming release goes relatively smoothly. That the halfway house I go to is good, and it's helpful to my needs of shelter and clothing and food. That I'm able to quickly connect with a good job with a livable wage in my reentry into society is also smooth. Thank you. God bless

No name- Please pray that Lord helps me with pain and all it takes it in dealing with that cancer that my mom has. I pray she shows/gives forgiveness, love, acceptance to me that she has taken issue with these last years with varying degrees. I beg for her forgiveness, love, acceptance and opens her heart and love to me. Thank you, bless you.

Steven - I pray for my continued theology in Your word. Also, to thank you and give You praise for Your never-ending love. I pray for Scott's son Cameron to overcome his addictions. Also, for all the men here at Sheridan that they may find salvation through You. I pray this to You in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Michael - Hello, how are you doing, first I want to thank you for taking time to pray for my family and me. My name is Michael, can you please pray for me that I can go back home with my family by June or July. Please, I'm ready to go home. Thank you! God bless you and your family.

Michael - Hello, how are you doing. First I want to say thank you for praying for my family and me. My name is Michael can you please pray for my wife and me could Katora, that God can restore our relationship, and put us back close together as a family. Thank you so much, God bless you and your family. Thanks.

No name - Please pray that all my loved ones open up to me- give me a chance- reach out to me. Forgive me. Thank you. God bless.

Ryan - Please pray for those of us that have been released, that we stay the course on the good path and make the right decisions to keep out of trouble. Also, for us that are getting short on time, that we are able to do things to help us before we are released and that instead of worry and anxiety that we know the peace of God.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Dixon Correctional Center

Class canceled; scheduled to resume 05/02/2018

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Psalm 1 / The Heart of a Father

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Jason - I would like to send first out to my family especially my mother and two little girls and my son for a smooth transition and reconnection. Please thank you.

Erick - I would like to pray for all the young children and dealing with feelings that are causing them pain and confusing thoughts. For the young ones that feel alone. That they know their parents love them always. That the Word of God and his love being with them always and give them strength everywhere they need. Amen.

Jason - I would like to have a prayer of my actions and correct vocabulary when I am reconnected especially with my mother. Please thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Robert (Bob) - Say a prayer for Grannie Loretta regarding her health. And for should myself, my health and to incorporate a more healthy diet, self-control over portions and selections. Amen.

William - I pray the Lord our God is speaking to others the way I am feeling the Lord presence in my life right now is exciting to see and hear God this phase and moment in my life. The knowledge that is going on and growth God is blessing me with I'm just so grateful, and the joy is unspeakable. I pray that my sentiments are felt amongst fellow men near and far. Broken, saved alike. God bless all.

William - I pray chain to be broken in the name of Jesus Christ over my life, my family, and friends, prayer warriors, (lost, broken, shamed, afflicted and addicted). I pray the strongholds against these people to be loosened. And I pray those spirits to be bound in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Richard Dean - Pray that my girlfriend, Yvonne is cleaned and sober and that she's doing well in my absence while in prison. Pray that my mother's health issues get addressed and that her vehicle problems get resolved by her acquiring a new vehicle. Pray that my family, friends, associates, and community are doing well, and in God's resolved.

Derrick - Thank God for letting me make it to see another day keep me safe and out of trouble God let Your will bring me home soon and help me on the right path and help me to make right choices.

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 10/2014 thru 04/2016
Discharged 04/22/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 10/2014 thru 10/2014
Discharged 04/22/2018
Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 07/2016 thru 02/2017
Discharged 04/22/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 11/2017 thru 04/2018
Paroled 04/23/2018
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Sheridan; 10/2012 thru 02/2013
Discharged 04/24/2018

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Discharged 04/25/2018

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Dixon; 07/2013 thru 07/2013
Discharged 04/26/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 11/2017 thru 04/2018
Paroled 04/26/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 01/2014 thru 06/2014
Discharged 04/26/2018 

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Sheridan: 04/2017 thru 04/2017
Deceased 04/27/2018 

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan; 03/2013 thru 05/2014
Transferred Sheridan 04/27/2018

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 05/2016 thru 02/2017
Paroled 04/27/2018

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New Life Corrections

Dixon Correctional Center

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Illinois River Correctional Center

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