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Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - The Holiness of God & His Attributes

Dixon Correctional Center

Ernest - I need prayer for favor. My case is at A Wrongful Condition Citizens panel the head of the panel, my attorney, and the lead prosecutor are meeting this week to discuss me getting too much time. I did two years in home detention, ten months in the county jail, and 15 years in prison. Can you pray for favor, grace, and mercy with my situation so that I can go home and be a father to my ten daughters and four sons and to be there for my ailing mother? Thank you! God bless you!

Randy - Pray for; Guidance, protection, and to come home safely for my nephew Bradley who has been deployed overseas in the army, Guidance from the Holy Spirit daily here at Dixon. Pray for Family for reconciliation and salvation, Kent’s family, health and salvation. Tina's mother's health and protection. Michelle's employment and health. Scott's ministry (Soldiers of Christ), Bob's health and recovery from a hip replacement.

Bruce - Glory always be to our Father God the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is always a wonderful blessing for us to wake up see another gifted day. A day to bless others, praise You and do righteous by others. Thank you, God, for Scott and his family. May Michelle be awarded a good job and Cameron to be blessed by a group of people pool teaching a new phone meaningful way to stop using drugs. And give him a piece of his heart, that will E Erase his addictions and make him whole completely off drugs. And maker his walk better and bless him to attend a church and those people show him how to walk in the love of Jesus and a good job. As well as for all A??????’s here bring peace in their hearts. Help the so many young boys and men all around the world, to simply get it, get it, get it, get it. Change their hearts and make all women be met with comfort, love, Jesus, a better relationship with someone who will love them and their children richly, with love amen.

Wayne - Lord, I pray for my brother Scott's wife, that she get a job by May 3. That he gets done what he needs to get done while he is away from us from April 24 to May 22. In Jesus name Amen.

A. C. - Lord Almighty, thank you for your breath of life. Thank you for your Son. Please be with Scott and his family, may their prayers be answered needs met. Please be with my wife, Anika. May she be kept safely out of harm’s reach. May you use me as best as you can to help in her relationship with our daughter Jenna. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wesley - Pray for me to get my six-month good time and can have someone good news to tell my family on May 11 and we can have a good visit. And pray for the people of Paris to have a good week and can come together for Christ to rebuild the church that burned up and can bring a lot of people to Him out of this tragedy.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Paul - I would like to request for my wife and children, prayer for their health, safety, and peace. Prayer for Scott and his wife, his wife for employment, his son Cameron that he finds Jesus. I will be asking for prayer for my departure from Sheridan to a halfway house. Stepping Stones. In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

William - I would like to pray for my family. I pray that they are good health, mind, and soul. I would also like to pray that the courts find it in my favor to let me go home on the 26th of June or before. Thank you.

No name - Thank you O’Lord for always being there in my time of need and always forgiven me. Thank you O’Lord for all of the blessings that you stole on us no matter how big or small. Thank you O’Lord for yesterday, today and tomorrow. I think you O’Lord.

Manuel - Please pray for my wife Tere for her safety and well-being. My wife's brother left his wife for another woman. My wife helps her, taking her to the store, taking her to church, bringing her to God and her brother is blaming my wife; she is finding her ex another man. So he curses her and says he's going to kill her. Pray for my wife helps her and helps my parents. My wife helps out of God’s love.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Brother Jeffrey Ray - Prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who lay on the cross for our sins on this Good Friday. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with your love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Lord, you gave your only begotten Son, so that we could have the forgiveness of our sins as Jesus, who was without sin, gave his life for us all to be saved. The promise of eternal life with You, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who we confess our faith that are saved by grace. Thank you, Lord, as we praise you Lord for blessing us all. I lay down my life for your will to be done. In Your Son’s holy name, amen, amen, amen.

Alex - Just want to put a prayer request in for the mother of my sons, Melanie, that she is doing good mentally, emotionally and physically. Also, that her relationship or her marriage, I should say, is going good and may it prosper. She's also pregnant, and she's due in July so I hope everything goes smooth with that and may the baby be born healthy. I want to pray for my sons Mason and Alex Junior that they may be healthy in every way. Also for God to keep working in my life so that I may keep getting close to Him and do His will, also, pray for the men and women that are going through worse times than me if it is God’s will they receive a blessing.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Family Restoration

Dixon Correctional Center

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Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of A Father

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Burkett - please pray for me that God will show favor on my life, that God will guide my feet and add some structure and discipline to my life. I'm tired of being a messed up man. I really want to grow closer to God. I want to feel his presence in all that I do. So, please pray for me to receive strength, courage and the peace of mine. Pray for my health physically and mentally. Pray for my family, and God continues to give them strength and see them through troubled times.

David - Please pray for peace here for, for good direction from leadership. Pray for my kids Shayna, Mya Gabe, and Noah. Pray for them to follow God, enjoy Easter together, for them to be provided for protected, succeed at school and work. Pray for me to get six months good time, work release, a job in recycling here, school here, stay out of trouble and get home to family ASAP. Pray my family and I stay healthy.

Frank - I just want to thank God for all that He does and is doing for me in my life. I want to thank him for keeping me and holding me in His arms watching over my kids family and loved ones. I just want to be thankful for my being sober and clean and in my right state of mind. I really need humbleness and strengthen me in my faith.

Aaron - please pray for my brother Phillip to find Christ and accept Him in his heart. He is struggling with alcoholism and on the fence right now about God.

Frank - I want to become stronger in the Word. I need understanding in the Word. I want to be a better father and man to the woman in my life. I want to be a better son, brother and family member overall. I need forgiveness for my sins and my marriage. I need help in all areas of my life. I want my heart to be continually open and also my mind. We need prayers here in Sheridan for the men and officers and the Westcare staff. Also prayer for Scott and his wife and son and finally we need much prayer in the world.

Chris - Pray for my girlfriend’s family. Her uncle's funeral was Sunday, and her grandmother died Monday. Also, she's dealing with her daughter through DCFS. I just hope she won't lose our child when we have one cause she thinks her daughter wants to stay with the Fosters, so what makes her happy. Also please pray for me to get either work-release or six months of good-time. Please and thank you. God bless.

Dwayne - Thank you Lord for letting me see another day Lord. I pray you to stay by my side every step of the way Lord. My time is almost over with Lord. I pray you to work with me the rest of the way Lord. Pray for my family, loved ones, kids. God is good all the time God is good. Amen

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Robert - Please say a prayer for Robert at Sheridan in Malachi Dads. Pray for Grannie Loretto and self for our health. As well, incorporate more of God's will within me for guidance and direction and decisions. Thank you.

David - please pray for the salvation, peace, and happiness for my 11-year-old son Tyler. Pray for me to gain swift and good employment in that I'll be a very good father to my son Tyler and teach and bring him up in the way he should go. Pray for the Lord to restore unto me many years I wasted, and the locust had eaten! Thank you. God bless.

No name - Heavenly Father, I continue to decrease while You increase. Doubt is starting to sprout its wings and questions are beginning to ???? my way. Please, Father, I need wisdom further, please. In Jesus name Amen

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Illinois River Correctional Center

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