A few lingering pass issues in the Sheridan classes, but all four classes were well attended this week, and all four had some very lively interaction made it one of the most encouraging weeks in a long time. Praise God

No shows are still an issue in Dixon's Malachi Dads class. I am stymied as to why of the twenty-six registrants only ten have made an appearance. The best guess as to why is students are not issued paper passes, but passes are listed on a movement sheet, and it is up to them to check if they have a place to be for non-mandatory passes.

Update on Michelle's job hunt, the part-time is going well. However, the Seattle and Appleton positions did not pan out. She has since had her resume submitted to three other opportunities.

On a disappointing note, Cameron relapsed and had an overnight in jail, but beyond that, I've not been given much more info. But he has likely lost his place to live and his job.

Thanks in advance for your ongoing prayers for the students, Michelle and Cameron.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Discipleship - The New Birth

Dixon Correctional Center

Wesley - Pray for my mom and dad to get along with each other and to stay in Christ and grow and pray for me to stay and grow in Christ.

Randy - Ex wife's mother passed away last Saturday. Nephew Bradley deployed overseas in the army in Afghanistan for guidance, protection and to come home safe to his loved ones. Family for salvation and health guidance from the Holy Spirit daily. Michelle's health and employment. Cameron’s salvation and addiction. Scott's health and ministry.

Thomas - Please, pray for Imojean and Brian with family reconciliation and pleasing our Lord and Savior; also please, pray for Kendra and Keely be reconciled with Jaiden and William. May God forgive us all and bless us all; I will thank you in advance for your service. PS pay for Scott and his family thanks. Sincerely yours.

Bruce - Glory be to our Father the Son and Holy Spirit. Today we all stand on one page that unfolds your wonderful words of teaching. And Mr. Scott, thank you for coming into our lives and bringing forth whatever God put in your heart. For us to all know and grow with your good teaching. We pray for you, your family, and Dixon authority staff. Along with all of our families, to be safe, honored by God's mercy. And we all say amen and Your precious, wonderful Son Jesus’ name.

Gus - Please pray for continued protection for my family and friends and a smooth parole 7/5/19.

A. C. - Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of Your Son, Jesus and His life given to us for our sins to be forgiven. Thanks for bringing my wife, Anika, and daughter, Jenna back together so they may start rebuilding their relationship. May you continue Your good works in them and through me. Bless, Scott, Michelle, and Cameron, may they have their prayers answered. I ask that you continue to work in me so I may be a soldier of Yours for others to come close to You. In Jesus name Amen.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

Dwayne - Every day, I get closer to home lord. I pray you to be by my side every step of the way, Lord. I've been doing everything I'm supposed to do Lord. I pray you just watch over me and work with me at all times. God is good all the time; God is good. Watch over my family and loved ones, Lord. Amen.

Javonshay - Pray for everybody who is in my Inner circle and family and also myself because I'm getting closer and closer to the end.

Lance - I'm facing trial on the unit please pray for my strength, peace, wisdom, and guidance please and thank you..

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

Moises - uncle Juan, Dustin's grandmother, my wife Veronica for guidance and success in her new job.

Bob - Please say a prayer to help me incorporate more of God’s will within self versus my own selfish desires. Also, pray for my health and that of Grannie Loretta.

Dusty - Please pray for my grandmother Jennie. She suffered a stroke in while she was in the hospital they ran some tests and found out that cancer came back and is now her pancreas, liver, and kidney. Thank you.

Manny - Can you please put my wife Tere in your prayers, she's been having trouble fixing up the house while I am in here. Also, four her hands that fall asleep on her while she's working on the house. Your Christian brother.

Brother Jeffrey Ray - Prayer for peace and healing of the families who have lost loved ones to gun violence and drug addiction. Lord, I come in prayer to lift up the families of those who have lost daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and loved ones to gun violence or drug addiction. Lord, I pray that you heal the hearts and soothe the souls with healing faith and forgiveness, grace and mercy, peace and joy, most of all with love. Bless these families all over to see your Son as the light to salvation in the darkness of this world. I pray this in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - Psalm 1 & The Heart of A Father

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted

Christian Living: Malachi Dads - The Heart of A Man

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

Aaron - please pray for my brother Philip to find a path to Christ and to find recovery from his alcoholism.

David - Please pray for my kids' safety, provisions, prosperity. Pray for me to get into work release, six months good time, school and work in recycling here. To get into C. R. again. Scott's family finances. Please pray for my daughter Maya she is going to the doctor about the ovary pain. For a CT scan. Thank you.

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

No prayer requests submitted.

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