We watched Lee Strobel's Case for Christ. As in the past, the students liked it,

Michelle did not get the Northwestern Medicine job, but we both our trusting that God will bring forth something in His timing. We pray it is soon.

As always thanks in advance for your ongoing prayers for the students, Michelle, Cameron.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

No name - Please pray for Cameron R. and relief from pain from arthritis.

Randy T. - Cameron for salvation and cure from addiction. Scott and Michelle's finances and employment. Scott ministry may God bless SOCPM. Family for salvation. Guidance from Holy Spirit daily. My nephew Bradley for protection and guidance deployed overseas and becoming a father 7/19/2019.

Wayne - Please pray for all my nieces and nephews come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior while they are still young. Thank you.

Thomas - Dear heavenly Father, may our veterans cry for help, assistance, and aid heard to grace us with your mighty presence and lift us up to organize in your glorious name. In Jesus name, I pray amen.

Wesley - Pray my mom's health and that we can get a visit. Help her to be healed and find out what is wrong with her and have her get a speedy recovery.

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

No prayer requests submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

No name - I would like to thank God for his faithfulness in his grace and mercy. I would like to thank God for watching over me, keeping me grounded in his word, pushing me when I slack up and giving me the strength encourage me to keep going. God, I would like to pray for Scott's son, his wife, family, pray for my family that they may enjoy the fullness of Christ.

Christian Living

Dixon Correctional Center

No prayer requests submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center Early

David - Please pray for Scott's family. For my kids Shayna, Mya, Gabe, and Noah. For their mothers Nicole and Jamie. For their grandmothers Marcella and Martha. For my brother and sisters and their kids to seek God. My courage to profess God to all and do His will in my life. Peace here. Work release, good-time, school, transfer, job, stay out of trouble, parent well, health, deny the flesh, love God and my neighbor. Thank you!

Sheridan Correctional Center Late

Stewart - Pray God grant me work-release and keep my family in prayer.

Alex - Lord, please bless my fiancé Kanitlia and give her the strength to overcome all obstacles in her life. Also, for my mother Linda and our pet Sarabi-Bear to end their elements until I get out. Help them come to you, God.

Jeremiah - I have a little brother named Larry incarcerated in the Federal prison in Indiana. He was jumped and put in a coma for over a year. He's awake now due to the grace of God, but he can't walk anymore from a lower back injury. I just pray that God gives us both guidance and strength to move on and that one day, he can walk again. I just pray for me in my family and friends. Thank you. God bless.

SOCPM Alumni

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 03/2018 thru 04/2019
Paroled 07/29/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 02/2018 thru 07/2018
Discharged 07/29/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 11/2017 thru 12/2017
Admitted Stateville NRC 07/29/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 07/2018 thru 08/2018
Dixon: 05/2019 thru 06/2019
Admitted Stateville NRC 07/31/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 08/2017 thru 10/2018
Admitted Stateville NRC 08/01/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 03/2018 thru 08/2018
Paroled 08/01/2019

New Life Corrections
Dixon: 09/2016
Paroled 08/01/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 07/2018 thru 11/2018
Paroled 08/01/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 10/2015 thru 02/2016
Admitted Stateville NRC 08/02/2019

Soldiers of Christ
Sheridan: 02/2016 thru 04/2016
Paroled 08/02/2019

Wesley Ministries

Illinois River Correctional Center

Ronnie - Please pray for me. I'm soon to be released and need a parole site.

thank you

No name - Pray for all inmates, for my family, for my strength in Christ.

No name - For me to be strong in the Lord against the devil's tricks as I will go home soon and need God's guidance.

No name - Pray for all families.

No name - For my kids. Thank you

Terry - For my children and myself.