This week it was Lee Strobel's Case for Faith, which the students who were in attendance really enjoyed.

Willow Creek had a simulcast of their World Summit simulcasted into Sheridan; as a result, class attendance was low except for 5 PM Discipleship class.

Still, no employment but Michelle had three good interviews this week.
We're praying one will result in a job offer.

As always thanks in advance for your ongoing prayers for the students, Michelle, Cameron.

To Him be the glory!

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries


Dixon Correctional Center

Victor - Pray that I Víctor never lose my in faith a loving and carrying heavenly Father first and foremost. Second, pray that my life reflects the message of the written Word hope the godly Father in heaven.

Wesley - Pray for me to stay with the faith and not grow week and two able to get the devil all of my thoughts when he is overwhelming me trying to get me away from God answered turn to him.

Randy - Family for reconciliation. Scott's health and passion for ministry. Michelle for employment and guidance from the Holy Spirit. New incoming chaplain here at Dixon. Outgoing Chaplain Stamka for guidance and placement. Family for salvation. Guidance in understanding daily by the Holy Spirit.

Wayne - Please pray that Tony surrenders to God and gets back to being the godly man that He created him to be. Thank you

Sheridan Correctional Center Afternoon

No prayer requests submitted.

Sheridan Correctional Center Evening

David - health/provisions/safety kids Shayna, Mya, Gabe, and Noah. Their moms Martha, Marcella, Nicole and grandma’s Jamie; Friends Rachel and kids Stella, Lola; bro/sis Barry, Fran, Debbie, Saul, Karyn, Mike, Hewie, Marcy, Wendy, (Sami’s kids, she died last year). My work release for October. Pray hard. Got job THY Love you P.S. Pray for Scott’s time off.

No name - Thank God for his presence in my life. Thank God for taking control of my wife's life. Thank God for delivering me from my addictions. Thank God for delivering my wife and answering my prayers. I would like to thank God for restoring my relationship with my children and keeping me in Your precious arms. Thanks for loving me and being there for me and in spite of everything. Pray that Scott gets refreshed and stays doing prison ministry also that his wife is getting a job. In Jesus name!!

Manny - Can you please pray for my wife, Tere. She asked for help the thought the man was a good man, but he wanted more than just money from her for his help. Please keep evil thinking men away from her. Thank you. God bless.

Bro Jefferey Ray - Lord I thank you for this day and your blessings of grace and mercy for us. Thank you, Lord, for forgetting us and answering our prayers. Lord, I ask you to be with brother Scott during these two months blessed with rest and relaxation in your peaceful care. Lord bless him to return after the two months in the fulfilled with love, joy, peace, hope, faith, and more love. Lord touch the hearts of the interviewers for sister Michelle and bless her with the position to serve your will. Lord I asked this in your Son, Jesus name amen.

No name - Pray for my brother Tony. I'm praying for God to give him a wife and a new life.

Aaron - please pray for my mother(Jean) to recover from her heart surgery and be protected by God. Also, pray for David to receive work-release if God wills it so he can return to being productive in his children's life. Also, pray for Scott and his wife Michelle to get employment and stability.

Juan - can you please say a prayer for my family, my mom, that she stays healthy and strong. And that Scott and his family always be blessed, and that God leads him to the best and that he comes back to us after his rest. I myself enjoy his studies he gives me faith: Scott you will be missed come back thank you.

No name - Pray we get the six months good-time back.

Christian Living

Dixon Correctional Center

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Sheridan Correctional Center Early

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Sheridan Correctional Center Late

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