Robert H.

Brother Scott, I just wanted to write to you and give you thanks for this past class on doctrine. I really enjoyed it. The materials you made available I have studied and stored safely for later use. Honestly, I never got to get into CH Spurgeon or read his sermons before. Now, I’m honestly hooked now on deep theology. I remember getting a copy of “The Holiness of God” - R. C. Sproul. I’ve studied a lot of Christian literature but I feel like I finally got some meat in me and my faith in God went to new heights–– now I’m exploring R. C. Sproul, C. S. Lewis, Spurgeon, Lee Strobel, Paul Copan, etc… Then the John Newton book also help me understand the early church. I really appreciate you bringing the deep things of God to us and allowing us to understand it on our own. I am really looking forward to the apologetics class, thanks for the videos and study guides. I’m pretty stoked for this.
— Robert H.