Joseph R.

It’s easy for us who are being fed take for granted those who are feeding us. It dawned on me this moment our conversation Friday. This series by Dr. David Platt and the last one by Dr. R. C. Sproul are the nuts and bolts that you build sound theology on. Since I have been class for close to two years now, I am certain of my being saved. How I’m saved and what I’m saved from. Thank you for not being afraid to tell the truth. I really feel like I’ve been to college. Also never feel inferior to any other ministry because Soldiers of Christ is the best one to come in. You set the standard of what it is to be taught from God’s word. Enjoy your wife, your vacation and know you have some fruit from your labor here. Also, please stay in the gap for your son, that’s your thorn. God will not forget you concerning this matter. Pray and don’t lose heart. Remember Dr. Platt told us be confident in the character of God. I will leave you with Psalm 9:10 meditate on that and I look to see you when you get back. Be encouraged always, Love ya Scott, your brother in Christ. P.S. This reformed theology gives Jesus a place, prosperity theology does not. Jesus alone is Lord, not me and Him! See ya soon, enjoy yourself.
— Joseph R.