Michael B.

I really appreciate the even-tempered non-histrionic approach you take in the presenting of apologetics to use here @ Sheridan Correctional Center. While I appreciate all who take the time to come share “The Good News” with us, your style is easiest for me to adhere to. Many are very pushy and dramatic in their spiritual experiences and presentations. While I am still very much in my spiritual infancy, I have been timid to such displays by what I view as zealots. Your apologetics class allowed me to take an analytical view of why God’s existence makes sense, rather than appealing to my selfishness in the emotional displays of “God will save you from your horrible circumstances (prison).” Many lean on God when they are at their worst, which I understand and believe we all need. Your class has helped me to really understand and incorporate into my daily thoughts the omnipotence and omnipresence of God. For helping me get started on “a true surrender of self” to God. I am grateful. Take care got and God bless you and your family. Your work matters keep it up!
— Michael B.