A busy but fruitful two months of 2017 and looking very much forward to God's bearing of Fruit for His glory in the coming months. Your prayers were and will be the means in harvesting the Fruit.

A deep heartfelt thanks!!! 

To Him be the glory,

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

If you are not currently an SOCPM financial partner please pray about becoming one. See the end of the newsletter on how you can.

Prayers of Praise

Michelle continues to heal from her January 3rd stroke and plans to return to work April 10th.

I don't know the number of days, but Cameron has not had any relapses.

By the students involvement with questions and the lack of side talking the Discipleship ('Holiness of God' and 'The Assurance of Salvation') classes were fruitful. Numerous request on more info on how they can confirm their professing Christ is a profession with a true salvation (2 Peter 1:10). Prayers of praise that the Holy Spirit has put a desire for the students to ask if they have a saving faith.

Having completed Psalm 1, book one of Malachi Dads and at the midway point of 'The Heart of a Father,' the 2nd book or four in Malachi Dads, it has been thus far very fruitful. Classes on average are 10 - 12 weeks and have a dropout rate of 20%. 13 weeks into Malachi Dads the dropout is just under 10%. Pierre, a student who claims to be a Muslim, has missed only one class. Overall attendance of 86% is one of the highest if not thee highest rates after 10 - 12 weeks. Prayers of praise for high attendance and that the Holy Spirit open Pierre's heart with the Gospel.

Malachi Dads has been given the go ahead to begin in Dixon on March 29th.

After a meeting with the former Director of Lifespring to discuss keys in to successful fund raising, I left very encouraged with new approaches and improvement of current presentation.

After a meeting with the Elders of my church Redeemer Fellowship I again walked away encouraged by their support of SOCPM and how they can come along side me in all the responsibilities of stewarding SOCPM.

Prayers of Supplication

With Michelle planning to return to work April 10th, please pray for her continue to improve, specifically in her typing skills. Also, pray for her ongoing struggles with rheumatoid arthritis. Also, pray that her client (just outside of Cleveland) will allow her to continue working from home weekly.

I'll be going on a retreat March 13 - 16 to seek God's will for SOCPM for the next year. Please pray that I remain focused while in prayer and Bible study and indeed will here God's will and in my stewarding of SOCPM.

Due to my recent digestion issues I am schedule for a colonoscopy March 20th. Please pray the test are negative of anything requiring surgery or other evasive treatment.

I'm scheduled to have a CMG, a test that examines the kidneys, March 23rd. It's been postponed 3 times previously for one reason or another. The results of the test will be a major factor in my having prostate surgery. Please pray that the test will not be postponed again and that when I and Michelle consult with the urologist that we ask the right questions and have discernment in the decision to have or not have the surgery.

Please pray that the encouragement I walked away with from my two meetings bears fruit in glorifying of God (ministry support; prayer and financially, ministry volunteers, and ministry expansion).

I'll be attending the Ligonier 2017 National Conference March 8 - 12. Please pray for my hopes of connecting with new ministry partners to provide curriculum and other ministry resources.

Please pray for the Malachi Dads program and the next Discipleship curriculum 'Sermon on the Mount' to bear fruit in the students lives.

For reason I can't explain the number of weekly prayer requests submitted by the students has dropped significantly. Please pray that God the Holy Spirit will convey through me to the students the power of prayer and their need for prayer.